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Entertainment Low Tatra Mountains

Happy End Disco and Restaurant

From December 2010 at the finish of Biela Púť slope, at the lake with the view of MAXiLand a new disco open , let´s boogie at night in Jasná.

New Disco, located at the end of Biela Púť ski slope, by the lake, has been opened since December 2010. It brings joy of nightlife to Jasná resort.

Music club Happy End is a new entertainment centre with capacity of over 1000 persons, where stylish parties and concerts of popular singers and groups are held regularly. Jasná resort resonates with cool music of good DJs, groups performing live and revival groups.

Admission:free, only some of the events are paid for

Opening hours:

  • open every day from 20.00 am during the winter season
  • out of season - weekends 20.00 - 03.00 and at the times when certain events are organised


Distance from the hotel: 3 km

Dine and Ride a ratrak

Take a ratrak ride and dine at the top.

The Dinner is served in a restaurant with a fireplace Von Roll, which takes you back to the times of the old cableway. The restaurant is at an elevation of 1,670 metres, at Luková, you can take the exciting ride in a ratrak to get there 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays from Biela Púť at 6.00 pm.

Price: 39 € / person
The price includes: the ride from Biela Púť and a multi- course dinner menu.

Fairy tale world Habakuky

Unique fairy tale world of famous Slovak writer children's stories, Dobšinský. In the fairy tale world Habakuky you will find 15 buildings – houses, amphitheatre which fits 150 persons, feast house, playroom for children and many more attractions.

The area is a unique creation of the artist Palo Hadač, who, using natural materials created illusion of fairy tale cottages. Open daily, visitors can admire the magic of the houses, where talented actors bring fairy tales of Dobšinský back to life.

Entertainers take care of the little visitors in the playroom and at weekends craftsmen performing traditional folk crafts bring light to traditional Slovak culture.

Distance from the hotel: 52 km

5D Cinema

Experience 5D yourself in Aquapark TATRALANDIA. Moving seats, special effects, 3D projection, wind blowing, unforgettable experience from the movie.

Experience 5D cinema yourself in Aquapark TATRALANDIA.

Experience 5D yourself. 5D cinema combines unique 3D projection, moving seats, special effects, bringing unforgettable experience from both movies. Bound to your seat you will hardly tell the fiction from reality.

Opening hours:

  • Work days and Sunday: 14.00 - 21.00 (last projecting at 20.40)
  • Friday and Saturday: 14.00 – 21.20 (last projecting at 21.20)


Price: cca 4 € person

Distance from the hotel: 9 km (Holiday Village Tatralandia)

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