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Price list - Massage

Thermal massage therapiest

Classical massage25 min.19,00 €
Classical massage50 min.29,00 €
Breuss massage50 min.29,00 €
Manual lymphatic drainage75 min.29,00 €
Cupping25 min.19,00 €
Cupping50 min.29,00 €
Detoxifying honey massage50 min.25,00 €
Foot reflexology massage40 min.25,00 €
Foot reflexology massage20 min.15,00 €
Chacra-energising massage /massage 35 min., candle 15 min./32,00 €
Reflexology paraffin massage of hands /massage 20 min., wrap 20 min./25,00 €

Massages for children

Massage for children - partial15 min.9,00 €

Anticellulite lifting therapies

Cinnamon lifting therapy45 min.25,00 €

Herbal oil massage, phytotherapy

Hot stone massage25 min.25,00 €
Hot stone massage50 min.39,00 €
Herb sachet massage25 min.25,00 €
Herb sachet massage50 min.39,00 €
Oil thermal massage25 min.19,00 €
Oil thermal massage50 min.29,00 €

Aromatherapy and relaxing massages

Indian head massage (Antistress massage)50 min.32,00 €
Chocolate treatment75 min.39,00 €
Pregnancy massage25 min.19,00 €
Relax massage25 min.15,00 €
Relax massage50 min.29,00 €

Cleansing therapies

Sea salt exfoliation20 min.19,00 €
Sea salt exfoliation45 min.25,00 €

Wraps and poultices

Chestnut Varicose Vain Wrap25 min.15,00 €
Mud wrap50 min.25,00 €
Seaweed wrap50 min.25,00 €

Therapeutical poultice

Herbal poultice 25 min.15,00 €
Bee wax poultice 25 min.15,00 €

Manicure - price list

Classical wet manicure35 min.19,00 €
Wellness manicure55 min.33,00 €
Japanese manicure40 min.23,00 €

Pedicure - price list

Classical wet pedicure35 min.19,00 €
Wellness pedicure60 min.33,00 €
Paraffin foot treatment15 min.10,00 €

Spa rituály

PRO-SLEEP massage /Back, nape, abdomen, upper and lower limbs /75 min.45,00 €
Himalaya Salt Massage /Back, nape, abdomen, upper and lower limbs /75 min.45,00 €
Body anti-cellulite detox treatment /Lower legs, gluteal muscles, abdomen /75 min.39,00 €

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