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One of the greatest advantages of Wellness Hotel Chopok**** is the location.  The  exceptional area of Demänovská Valley in The Low Tatra Mountains is the pure extract of the best that we have in Slovakia. 

The Low Tatra Mountains is the widest and at the same time second highest mountain range in Slovakia which form The Low Tatra Mtns National Park (NAPANT).

The visitors of Low Tatras can admire magnificent mountain and valley views from the highest peaks of The Low Tatra Mountains- Ďumbier (2043 m), Chopok (2024 m), Dereše (2004 m), Chabenec (1955 m) and Kráľova Hoľa (1948 m).

Because of the nature beauty, The Low Tatra Mountains has been popular and frequently visited range in Slovakia for a few decades. This has led to flourishing of tourism in the area. Many facilities for accommodation of various standard, water parks, sporting areas, adrenaline attractions and top ski and tourist resorts with new ski cables and lifts have been established in recent years.

Hiking in Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

The most popular tourist and ski resorts of Slovakia lie in this area. Demänovská Valley and the most popularresort Jasná Low Tatra Mountains spreads in the northern part of The Low Tatra Mountains. Most visited in the southern part are Tále, Srdiečko, Kosodrevina in Bystrá Valley and lovely recreational village pod Ďumbierom. Ski resort Čertovica is set in the central part of the mountains and well known tourist ski resort Donovaly in the western part of the Low Tatra Mountains.

Skiing in Low Tatra Mountains

Skiing in Jasná in ski resorts of the Low Tatra Mountains with good infrastructure, modern facilities and attractions around offers perfect winter holiday in Slovakia to down-hill and cross-country skiing lovers. Skiing on slopes of the mountains brings outright relax to those who are keen on this winter sport.

Apart from hiking along 1,000km long hiking tracks and skiing in top ski resorts of Slovakia, the range of Low Tatra Mountains brings number of possibilities for swimming (Liptovská Mara, Liptovský Ján, Bešeňová, Krpáčovo, Liptovský Ján, Tále, Aqupark Tatralandia) and caving (Demänovská Ice Cave, Važecká Cave, Demänovská Cave of Freedom, Bystrianska Cave, Cave of Dead Bats).

  • Demanovská Valley and caves

    Demänovská Valley spreads across the northern slopes of The Low Tatra Mountains south off the town Liptovský Mikuláš and is considered the most spectacular valley of the range with peaks reaching the height of 2,000 metres above sea level.

  • Ski and tourist resort Jasná Low Tatras

    The resort Jasná in the Low Tatra Mountains offers the best natural conditions for skiing and snowboarding, and in summer months for hiking are at the end of the village Demänovská Valley.

  • Chopok Low Tatra Mountains

    Mt. Chopok (altitude of 2,024 metres) is a part of the range Low Tatra Mountains and is divided into two resorts: CHOPOK NORTH and CHOPOK SOUTH.

  • Sports, entertainment and relax

    We offer the information about winter sports in Jasná in section "WINTER SPORTS" , information about ADRENALINE SPORTS in LIPTOV region, information about leisure time spending activities "FOR CHILDREN" and the possibilities of "FUN", and not less attractive offer of "FINE DINING". 

  • Low Tatra Mountains, Liptov

    The region of LIPTOV, because of its natural beauty, possibilities of adrenaline, aquaparks, entertainment and unique gastronomy is number one destination for tourists in winter and summer season. The number of tourists visiting the region is the proof.

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