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Let your children enjoy the water and take part in BABY SWIMMING under the lead of Professional instructors.

From July 2023 Wellness Hotel Chopok**** starts with first lessons of BABY SWIMMING. 4 times a week you and your children can enjoy the time spent in company of experienced instructors in water world, which, according to experts helps boost the health condition and stimulate healthy physical development.

"Baby swimming" lessons- basic information:

  • the baby swimming lessons will be organized from 03/07-01/09/2023 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday from around 08:00 to 09:00 am (check the time on your arrival at the reception)
  • the fee is 6 €/lesson/baby
  • the lectures are supervised by experienced and trained instructors of Aqua Club, s.r.o and Baby Club Slniečko Liptovský Mikuláš,
  • maximum number of children in group is 6-8
  • the age of children will be considered when the groups are formed
  • book the lessons when you make a reservation of your stay or at the reception on your arrival or during the stay


Basic structure of the "baby swimming" lesson

  • the lesson of baby swimming with an instructor takes half an hour in the water
  • the lesson in the water is followed by half an hour out of the pool or in saunas, (herbal, heated to max. 60°C), where the instructor gives massage or speaks with the parents and the children
  • the lectures are adapted to the proficiency and the age group. The lessons are focused on water exercise, floating, jumps into the water etc. Topical lessons, e.g. Zoo, Circus, Hans and Gretel, magic forest may be structured for older children (2 and older). 
  • the ideal number of children in the water is 6, maximum 8
  • the child up to 5 years of age is accompanied by one adult person, in charge of the child
  • the children wear nappy or swim suit with elastic band


Methods and approach

  • the children from the age 6 mths to 5 yrs attend the course in company of one of their parents 
  • the instructors proceed in sensitive and methodological way, in form of games, riddles, songs and use special swimming tools.
  • the children will learn (taking into consideration the age and previous experience) orienteering above and below the water surface, expiration into water, floating on back and belly, diving into water and emerging from the water, the basics of swimming styles, the elements of self-saving and mainly, they will learn how to feel safe in water and at the same time to all the respect required. 
  • the children relax tense muscles in water and use the muscle groups not normally used out of water.

The benefits of „baby swimming“

Thou children up to the age of six cannot really learn to swim, it is proven scientifically and in long practice that “baby swimming” enriches the life of a little person, in:

  • health invigoration
  • the stimulation of correct psychomotor development
  • muscle firming
  • songs and riddles that aid child's development
  • peristaltic movement is improved
  • positive impact on cardio-vascular system
  • vigor boosting
  • increases lung capacity and betters the activity of respiratory system
  • increases appetite
  • deepens sleep
  • enables children to socialize
  • strengthens child and parent relationship
  • helps to improve mutual communication of children
  • sauna enhances the immunity of an organism

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