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The deep infrared light has been used in medicine for many years and it has been widely appreciated.

The infrared rays are invisible, they are long-wave rays from the light spectrum and they produce warmth that is similar to sunlight but without the harmful UV rays. The effective infrared radiating warmth gets deeply under your skin and it initiates a lot of processes that contribute to your health. The deep warmth stimulates the muscles and the inner organs; one of the consequences of this stimulation is sweating. The increased inner temperature of your body engorges and stimulates your blood circulation and also your metabolism. Due to healthy sweating you body is being deeply cleaned. This degrades fat, cholesterol, toxic substances and heavy metals.


Air temperature: 30 - 55°C
Heating of your organism: into the depth of 4 cm
Usage: as a sweating procedure that helps the detoxification of your organism and helps in losing your weight: 1-2x a week at temperatures of 50 - 55°C for 30 - 40 minutes as prevention against diseases, as a kind of preparation for doing sports, before massages, during convalescence, against stress and tiredness: 5-7x a week at temperatures of less than 50 °C for 5 - 15 minutes.
Suitability: for everyone
Detoxification effects: by 600% more than in a traditional sauna.
Blood flow increase: from the average 7 l/min up to 14.5 l/min.
Effects for weight loss: 30 minutes in the sauna can be compared to running for 10 - 15 km

The infra sauna can be used in the treatment of the following problems:

  • muscles (pain, stress and tiredness, spasms)
  • joints and sinews (pain, inacute inflammation, rheumatic problems)
  • bones (fractures)
  • spine ache
  • blood pressure (increase of low and decrease of high blood pressure)
  • vein problems (phlebitis, varices)
  • reducing oedemas
  • reducing toothache and gum ache (the infrared radiation eliminates the loss of nerve reply to aches)
  • skin harms (scrapes, cuts, burns, bed sores, faster
  • healing, scar reduction)
  • facial nerve paralysis
  • skin diseases (acne, psoriasis)
  • skin care (it cleans skin and removes dead cells, returns elasticity, gloss, softness)
  • cellulite (eliminates it by deep warming and consequent sweating)
  • obesity (the easiest way of weigh losing, in addition it is healing)
  • diabetes
  • menstrual problems (it eliminates spasms and pain)
  • menopause (it eliminates nervousness, shivering, depressions, funny turns,

headaches and stomach aches)

  • lung diseases (asthma, juvenile pneumonia - within prevention and rehabilitation)
  • encephalorrhagia (in convalescence)
  • virus diseases (within prevention)
  • detoxification (the most effective of all known ways of detoxification)
  • psychic problems, stress (insomnia, sleeping disorders, nervousness, headache)
  • better condition of your organism (tension release, in general - prevention of illnesses)

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