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PRO-SLEEP massage

Innovative massage influencing three various sensoric routes for profound relax. It enhances sleep and helps fight stress and brings reinvigoration and relieves side effects of time difference.

Unique essential oil mixture and Tranquility music will bring about peace in mind and the body. Tranquility pro-sleep massage is based on scientific studies, which confirm that reaching the state of deep profound relaxation is inevitable for keeping optimal bodyli and mental health. With help of special brush massage in combination with hand massage will relax the whole body and bring deep relieving feeling.

Himalaya Salt Massage

Unique ritual for detox and body and mind reinvigoration with help of well-known power of Himalaya salt.

The treatment accompanied by massage techniques (comfort zone), natural products, salt peeling and wrap will ensure effective detox, metabolism stimulation, muscle and joints pain relief and body circulation improvement. Also recommended as the initial treatment of body slimming cure.

Body anti-cellulite detox treatment

Intense aromatic treatment contains essential oils for effective fight against cellulite caused by weak microcirculation and lack of liquid. Brings immediate feeling of lightness.

Advised for all kinds of cellulite, BODY ANTI-CELLULITE DETOX TREATMENT is ideal therapy for starting anti-cellulite cure for detoxifying effects.

Main effects:

  • microcirculation improvement
  • leg edema reduction
  • lipolytic activity stimulation
PRO-SLEEP massage /Back, nape, abdomen, upper and lower limbs /75 min.45,00 €
Himalaya Salt Massage /Back, nape, abdomen, upper and lower limbs /75 min.45,00 €
Body anti-cellulite detox treatment /Lower legs, gluteal muscles, abdomen /75 min.39,00 €

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