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BEMER is physical vascular therapy, which supports self-regulatory body mechanisms by improving blood circulation. Blood circulation is the only transport mechanism, which carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, vitamins, medications, minerals, etc. It removes harmful metabolites like carbon dioxide and metabolic waste from the cells. Our body can function well and be healthy when our cells get sufficient supply of blood. Optimal blood circulation is prerequisite to good health and condition. Our comfort and performance depends on a good blood circulation.

BEMER device provides unique patented signal configuration towards an organism, with help of electromagnetic impulses and thus stimulates the renovation of limited and blocked microcirculation, transport function of capillaries. The process represents relevant base for health renovation and its retention. 

The greatest part, 74% of blood circulation of human body is represented by microcirculation, which is directed by autorhytmic movement of vessel walls, so called vasomotion.

BEMER device has effect on the autorhytmic movement and thus improves microcirculation in the body.

BEMER physical vascular therapy boosts blood circulation in capillaries. The therapy is indicated as supplementary treatment and impairment prevention, where at the back the main cause or a consequence of a disease is insufficient vasomotion leading to microcirculation disorders.

Optimal microcirculation attained by BEMER therapy improves:

  • Blood circulation and blood circulation parameters
  • Nutrient and oxygen cell supply
  • Removal of metabolic waste and toxins
  • Immunity and lowers susceptibility to infection 
  • Cell ability to neutralize free radicals
  • Regeneration and healing processes
  • Wound and sport injury healing 
  • Falling asleep and uninterrupted night sleep
  • Performance and concentration


BEMER is recommended as prevention and supplementary treatment in the following diagnoses and health problems:

  • chronic and degenerative impairments of locomotor system (bones and muscles)
  • chronic metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes mellitus)
  • functional organ failure (e.g. liver dysfunction)
  • polyneuropathy as a result of diabetes or cancer cure
  • wound healing problems
  • chronic fatigue (e.g. chronic stress, sclerosis multiplex)
  • acute and chronic pain
Bemer - vascular therapy25 min.19,00 €

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