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Anticellulite cinnamon lifting treatment is used in cellulite, obesity, overweight and aesthetic body shaping. This kind of massage is focused on legs, thighs, calves, buttery and abdomen with the features of gentle and soft techniques. The principles and rules of lymphatic drainage are used.

Cellulite is caused by insufficient activity of lymphatic and blood circulation and impaired metabolism of fats. The upper tissue is not well perfused and nutritioned and retains toxins.

Pleasantly smelling cinnamon wrap will stir up lymph and break fat cells. The result is volume reduction and overal improvement of skin condition, which is affected by cellulite, varicous veins and spider veins.

Cinnamon treatment is the combination of cosmetic and bandage technique. After the application of special cinnamon mixture the treated body parts are covered by foil, the result being even pressure applied to all the treated body parts.

The treatment consists of peeling application on legs, buttery and abdominal area and a massage with 100% cinnamon cream and cosmetic-bandage technique.

Cinnamon lifting therapy45 min.30,00 €
Anticelulitídna masáž25,00 €

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