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Unique "Salaš Krajinka“ - Sheperds Hut Country

Unique restaurant with a view of a sheepcote. The restaurant is uniquely set at the area of a stable, so you can watch the sheep and lambs through the big glass wall while you eat.

The menu consists of traditional Slovak dishes and is made with products and ingredients made in traditional home-made way: sheep cheese, brydnza, oštiepok. Meat specialities offered are mainly from lamb or mutton. You have a chance to try traditional Slovak drink of the area produced from sheep milk called Žinčica.

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday: 10.00am - 09.00pm.

The restaurant is on the way to Martin, 2km from Ružomberok, right by the side of the main road.

Distance from the hotel: 29 km

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