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Hiking and atractions

Discover beautiful retreats of the Liptov nature. The immediate surrounding of Wellness Hotel Chopok**** , just like the whole region of Liptov are intertwined with mountain paths, thus even the secluded places are within your grasp.

The mountains of Liptov offer abundance of sporting possibilities in this region – short walks, trips taking few hours, across the easy mountain terrain or a day hikes.

The attractive countryside of the Liptov region  will satisfy every hike-lover. We have prepared several hiking routes aiming to all its parts  - to The Low Tatras, Western Tatras and Choč Mountains, you can choose according to the length, difficulty and types of terrain.

Hiking routes Low Tatra Mountains, Western Tatra Mountains, Choč Mountains

Hiking route Jasná – Chopok

Description: Strenuous alpine hike with significant elevation.
Route: Wellness Hotel Chopok **** - Jasná – Dereše – Chopok – Krúpova hoľa – Lúčky and back
Rating: strenuous alpine hike
Length: 8 ¼ h
Elevation: 1 099 m

Educational trail of Demänovská Valley

Description: Moderate half-day hike with significant elevation, for the short passage around Luková it reaches above the top part of the tree line.
Route: Wellness Hotel Chopok **** - Jasná – Tri vody – Luková – Široká dolina – Lúčky and back
Rating: moderate hike
Length: 4 ¼ h
Elevation: 750 m

To Sina and Bôr

Description: Strenuous and all day long alpine hike with significant elevation. Long part of the hike takes place in the alpine zone above the tree line with unstable weather.
Route: Wellness Hotel Chopok **** - Demänovská Cave of Freedom – Siná – Bôr – Poľana – Jasná and back
Rating: strenuous and all day long alpine hike
Length: 7 h
Elevation: 1 030 m

To the summit of Pusté Ridge

Descrtiption: Moderate half-day tour with significant elevation at the start.
Route: Wellness Hotel Chopok **** - Demänovská Cave of Freedom – Pusté – Vyvieranie and back
Rating: moderate half-day tour
Length: 3 ¾ h
Elevation: 717 m

Baranec Mountains From Žiarska Valley

Descrtiption: Difficult alpine hike with steep ascend to Baranec Mt.
Route: Žiarska Valley – Baranec Mt.- Žiarska Valley
Rating: strenuous alpine hike
Trvanie: 7 ¼ h
Elevation: 1 304 m

To top of the Babky Mountains

Descrtiption: Difficult and long hike with high elevation, suitable only in good weather.
Route: Jalovec – Babky – Sivý Mt. – Chalet Chata pod Náružím – Jalovec
Rating: difficult and long hike with high elevation
Length: 6 ½ h
Elevation: 1 120 m

To Plačlivé Mountains

Route: Žiarska Valley – Chalet Žiarska chata – Žiarske Saddle – Plačlivé – Smutné Saddle and back
Rating: moderate hike with high elevation
Length: 5 1⁄2 h
Elevation: 1 245 m

To Slatín

Route: Jalovecká Valley – Bobrovecká Valley – Pálenica – Brestová – Salatín – Hlboká Valley – Jalovecká Valley
Rating: difficult and long hike with high elevation, also along the main ridge.
Length: 7 1⁄2 h
Elevation: 1 248 m

Via Prosiecka and Kvačianska Valley to Prosečné

Descrtiption: Moderate, slightly demanding ascend to Prosečné. More difficult passages at the top and bottom part of the Prosiecka Valley are overcome with help of artificial means of support.
Route: Prosiek – Prosiecka Valley – Prosečné – Oblazy – Kvačianska Valley – Kvačany
Rating: moderate
Length: 6 h
Elevation: 772 m

To Veľký Choč Mountains from Likavka

Descrtiption: Rather difficult hike with difficult ascend and high elevation. At the summit the route reaches alpine zone, from zhe orienteering point of view it is not difficult.
Route: Likavka – Veľký Choč – Lúčky
Rating: quite strenuous hike with difficult ascend
Length: 7 ¼ h
Elevation: 1 071 m

To the remains of Liptovský Castle

Route: Kalameny – Poľana – Liptovský Castle – Saddle beneath Kráľova – Bukovina
Rating: Moderate hike with exposed descend from Liptovský Castle.
Length: 3 h
Elevation: 425 m

Museum of preserved Liptov village in Pribylina

Expositions of Liptov dwellings and their residents around the turn of the19th and 20th Cent. The outdoor museum is the most frequently visited exposition of The Liptov Museum.

Apart from the expositions on the traditional way of life of members of various social classes in the Liptov Region in the past, the museum reflects the traditions listed in calendar by organising theme events. 

The dwellings come from several villages of the Liptov region, mainly the area where a dam –Liptovská Mara was built. You can see wooden folk architecture and also two reconstructed medieval buildings- early Gothic Church of Virgin Mary and Gothic-Renaissance Manor House of Parížovce. 

Opening hours:

1st January – 30th April Mon.- Sun. 9.00am - 4.00pm
1st May- 30th June Mon.- Sun. 9.00am - 5.30pm
1st July – 31st August Mon.- Sun. 9.00am - 7.30pm
1st September – 30th September Mon.- Sun. 9.00am - 6.00pm
1st October- 31st October Mon.- Sun. 9.00am - 5.00pm
1st November – 31st December Mon.- Sun. 9.00am - 4.00pm

Admission: 2 - 3 € / adult

Distance from the hotel: 20 km

Articular church in Sv. Kríž

Wooden Articular Evangelic Church in Svätý Kríž (St. Cross) is one of the largest wooden constructions in Central Europe. The ground plan of the church has a shape of a cross and is 43m long. It fits almost six thousand visitors. 

Remarkable wooden Baroque altar from 1693 with a painting „Premenenie Krista“, unique pulpit standing on timbering with leaning Baroque angel in front are to be seen in the interior of this special monument. 

The choir area is embellished by Biblical paintings which, together with Venetian chandelier bring the magic atmosphere in.

The wooden tower, used as belfry was built later. 

Opening hours:

October - May: Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 15.00

Jun - September: Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 17.00

Entrance fee: 1 € / person

Distance from the hotel: 11 km


The most remarkable archeological site in Liptov Region. Celtic site HAVRÁNOK is located on the hill Úložisko, at the water dam Liptovská Mara. 

Early Iron Age settlement (300-100 B.C.). At the place in the 11th- 15th century used to be Slavonic wooden castle fortified with palisades. The structure of the dwelling, sacrificial places, stove and other artefacts were reconstructed and form Museum of archeology in nature. 

You can see reconstructions of Celtic structures, La Tene bulwark with a gate, medieval moat, bridge, paved court, the basement of a wooden, inhabited tower and a medieval church under reconstruction. In 1967 the site was proclaimed National Cultural Heritage. 

Opening hours:

  • 01.06. - 31.08.: daily 08.30am- 6.30pm
  • 01. 09. - 31.10.: daily 09.00am - 5.00pm



  • 1,5 € adult
  • 0,5 € child


Note: The Museum is closed in winter season, but in good weather you can visit the area.

Distance from the hotel: 20 km

Stanišovská cave

You will gain a great experience while exploring the magical underground world with the tour guides - cave explorers. You will walk along the walls, which were sculpted into indescribable shapes by the water and the Mother Nature.

Every visitor will get a headlamp before entering, you do not need any special clothing or shoes. This cave is an ideal destination for the whole family.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm, Enter the hour
Entry fee: about 6 € / addults, about 3.5 € / children and seniors

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