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Warming massage treatments

Lava stone massage (hot stone massage)

Lava stones harmonise human body, reduce negative energy, eliminate muscle pain, improve blood circulation, aid detoxification, and have significant toning properties. The warmth released from stones combined with a massage relax muscles, improve metabolism, blood circulation, soothe sore spots on the body, reduce muscle spasm and enhance self-healing properties of an organism.

The treatment itself is performed by lava stones heated to the temperature of 40-60 °C, some are applied to certain parts of the body, the others are used to massage the body.The skin is treated by oil to prepare it for the heat of the stones, which will pass the warmth and the energy to the body. The stones are usually dark grey or black and are rich in iron content.

Inner power of lava stones was created in volcano, from where the hot matter reched the Earth surface and cooled down, keeping the healing energy for ages. Lava stones used are oval and smooth of various sizes. They can heal, pass on the energy and absorb the negative energy.

Hot lava stone massage can be combined with cold marble stone massage, so called hot & cold massage.


Herb sachet massage

This Áyurvéda therapy of ancient origin in India contributes to body and mind relax, improves body mobility, lymphatic system, reduces stress, fatique, heats up the body and boosts the blood circulation. It is the form of relax and muscle, tissue, sinew, bone and skin reinforcement. It is harmonising of body and soul.

It is relaxing massage, which is performed with heated herb sachets. The sachets are filled with herbal blend, which possess incredible healing properties, protect and boost health, warm and relax the body.


Oil warming massage 

Massage with warm herb oil is relaxing and soothing massage. It has beneficial effects on muscle spasm, rheumatic problems, sexual weakness and overal harmonising of human body energy. Relaxing oil massage is suitable when you feel overly mentally or physically exhausted.

Oil warming massage is performed with warm oil mixture  (organic cold pressed oils). At this kind of massage technique, contituents and massage blend effects and many other attributes are of great importance. At relaxing massage long pull along muscle groups with no significant pressure technique is used. Only virgin oils enriched with herb extracts are used, which support relaxing effect of massage and skin condition.

Hot stone massage25 min.25,00 €
Hot stone massage50 min.43,00 €
Oil thermal massage25 min.23,00 €
Oil thermal massage50 min.35,00 €

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