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Therapeutical wraps

Mud wrap

Mud wrap has positive influence on locomotor system, skin conditions- mainly psoriasis and ekzema. It detoxifies, boosts blood circulation, tones, relieves pain, cures inflammation, keeps the skin young and fresh, rejuvenates aging skin, supports metabolism, improves muscle activity, and returns mobility.

The positive properties of Dead sea mud on health and beauty have been known for many centuries.The dead sea mud contains magnesium, calcite, felspar, bromides,magnesium, sodium, chlorides, which make him rich in clay, salts and minerals.It has large absorbtion ability, which helps the mud absorb dirt, dead skin and perspiration. The skin absorbs various minerals from the mud, beneficial for cell activity.

Dead Sea mud absorbs and preserves warmth. This effect boosts blood circulation, reduces tension in joints and muscles, enhances chronic inflammatory infiltrate absorbtion, relaxes ligaments, relaxes bone muscles and the muscles of internal body organs. It positively affects antiinflamatory activity and immune processes in organism, eliminates elastine and colagen degradation, improving the function of cartilages, connecting tissues and joint mobility.

Chestnut varicose vein wrap

Chestnut wrap improves varicose vein condition and edema. When applied regularly, it increases elasticity of veins and has anti-inflammatory effect on joints, sinews and ligaments.

Chestnut essential essences have long lasting effect and reduce swelling and relieve pain.  The gel increases vein elasticity, prevents rapture of minor veins and relieves pain immediately.

In the treatment cooling chestnut gel is applied in the area of varicose veins, leaving them relieved, with reduced edema and the feeling of “ light legs”.

Seaweed wrap

Seaweed wrap improves metabolic processes and reduces body fat. High content of iodine fastens fat burning process and thus enables weight loss.

Seaweed wrap nourishes body with beneficial minerals and elements, not only skin, but all the body.

Mikronised, gently ground seaweed - Laminaria Digitata, Focus Vesiculosus and Lithothamnium Calcareum supply the body with minerals, detoxify and activate slimming process. They fasten blood circulation, metabolism and relieve pain. To multiply the effects, mud is combined with 100% sesame oil.

Chestnut Varicose Vain Wrap25 min.20,00 €
Mud wrap50 min.30,00 €
Seaweed wrap50 min.30,00 €

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